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Table cloths and sets

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Fotografia tovaglie e servizi tavola

Valgandino Confezioni S.r.l. produces table cloths and sets, whatever the required size is.

The best seller lines are three:



The pic-nic line, as the name suggests, includes printed tablecloths without napkins, and it is available in 4 standard sizes:

We can also supply pic-nic line tablecloths printed with Christmas themes.

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We are able to supply also printed table sets, i.e. tablecloths with napkins of any size.

Sets are available in 3 standard sizes:

As said before, we can satisfy every request regarding different sizes.

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This line consists of yarn-dyed madras tablecloths with hand-made fringes, and it is imported as single table cloth or as a set.

Pic-nic Madras tablecloth is available in 2 sizes:

The Madras set, which consists of the tablecloth and the respective napkins (size 45x45), is available in the same sizes as the madras picnic.

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